Whether you need a T-shirt sample, jeans samples, shirts samples, trousers samples, caps samples or even a woven label sample,sample of printing, embroidery samples, You will always find that samples allow you to make sure that the idea at its source makes complete sense.

Samples are expensive, as we have to make special arrangement for some pieces of clothings so definitely costs more time wise & labor wise

When receiving your sample or counter sample, and even before ordering them, feel free to ask us questions as to the impact on the price or the timing for any change to your original  clothing designs. We always do our best to give you reasonable suggestion. Our goal is to help you finalize what is right for you and your clients.

FIRST Time samples will cost you in terms of product charges as well as courier charges. But once you will start placing order You will get free  clothing samples. But at the start you have to bear the courier & sample charges to show your commitment in the work.

What about a prototype?

A prototype of your design, on the other hand, is a unique and first version of your design.

You pay for it  regardless of whether you order in bulk or not.

It may not be the exact fabric or color of your choice as it is made of fabric that we already have in stock at the time of your order (limited choice).

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